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Signage Is Important for Your Shop Front This Holiday Season

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11:00 AM

With the holiday season approaching, you, as a business owner, must gear up for increased traffic to your store. Holidays are when people spend money with open hearts to buy presents for themselves and their loved ones. It’s that time of the year when the buyers are all-in for spending their money. The question is – are you all in to make the most out of the holiday season?


One of the most important things that you must not overlook is the importance of signage for your storefront. A sign is a way of letting potential customers know what you’re selling and what it is that you can offer to them, so they visit your store. You can’t possibly stand at the porch outside the store and tell each passing customer what you can offer to them. So, signage is an excellent way of communicating with your potential customers.


If you don’t understand the importance of signage for your shop front during the holiday season, continue reading this blog post.


Massive Opportunity for Retailers

According to statistics, about 19% to 40% of the total annual sales occur during the holiday season. It shows how generously and open-heartedly people spend on shopping during the holidays. Signage is the best way to communicate with your customers and lure them to your store during the season because it presents a massive opportunity for retailers to bag in as many sales as they possibly can. Just sitting back, waiting for customers to flood in, without doing anything, won’t help. Signage – of the right kind – will attract customers to your store.


Use Signage to Inform Customers about Offers and Sales

Believe it or not, if a customer passes by a store they don’t plan on buying anything from and sees a sign about an ongoing sale or promotion, they will most likely stop to see if they can find anything useful. Customers are hungry for sales, and they end up spending recklessly on things they don’t really need simply because they’re on sale! Here, signage can play a vital role. You can let customers know about ongoing holiday sales through signage. How do you expect customers to know there’s a sale at your store without signage?


Subtle Marketing

Trust us when we say – customers today don’t like loud advertising. Many customers will turn away if a retailer comes off as too sales-y. Signage is one of the most effective marketing techniques without sounding too promotional or loud. Signage communicates the desired message very subtly, which is just what you need this holiday season. By using signage right, you can have buyers flooding in your store!


Edge over Competitors

It’s not just you who would be trying to bag in sales this holiday season. Your competitors would be trying to do the same. Using signage to highlight what sets you apart from your competitors is a great way to get an edge over your competitors. For example, displaying signage that says ‘free gift wrapping’ or ‘cashback vouchers’ is a great way to lure customers your way.


We can’t stress the importance of signage for your shop front this holiday season enough. Even if you haven’t managed to achieve the target sales so far for the year, if you use signage right, you can very well cover for it during this holiday season, so gear up!


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